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All About the Groom

Although the majority of wedding planning is usually done by the Bride, there are many things that are either the Groom's responsibility or that the Groom can help out with. This article is designed to direct the Groom to the various parts of this website that might be helpful to him.

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  • Bachelor Party Ideas - This article gives some alternatives to the traditional type of "drinking" bachelor party. For more ideas, see also Entertainment.
  • Budget Tips - This article provides informative and practical ideas on preparing and sticking to a budget for your wedding expenses. It is a good idea to also go for some financial counseling before you start your new married life. See also Financial Planning.
  • Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring - Although it is traditional for the Groom to buy the engagement ring before he proposes, it is a good idea for both the Bride and the Groom to discuss and look at the different types of rings available. This article gives some great tips on buying your rings. For ideas on where to buy your rings, see Jewelry.
  • Creative Ways to Propose - Just in case you're fresh out of ideas, this article provides some ideas on different ways to propose to your sweetheart!
  • Planning your Rehearsal Dinner - It is often the Groom and the Groom's family that hosts the Rehearsal Dinner. For ideas on planning your Rehearsal Dinner, see Rehearsal Dinners.
  • Toast Ideas for the Best Man - It is a tradition that the Best Man give the first toast at your wedding. If the Best Man is not used to making speeches, this article can give him some interesting ideas on how to get started.
  • Wine and the Perfect Wedding - The Groom and/or the Groom's family are often asked to provide the wine and liquor at the wedding reception. This article gives you tips on how the right wine or champagne can really make your wedding a memorable event. For ideas on where to buy your wine and liquor, see Wine & Liquor.
  • Writing Wedding Vows - This article gives you some great tips on how to write your own wedding vows. Many Ministers or Officiants will also help you to write your own wedding vows. For more ideas, see Ministers & Officiants.

Find Vendors

  • Casinos and Entertainment - These categories give you ideas for both your bachelor party and the rehearsal dinner. You may also use these ideas for any special events you wish to plan in the future.
  • Gift Ideas - This category gives you ideas for gifts for your Bride and your Groomsmen.
  • Health & Fitness - It is very important to stay healthy and be in shape not only for your wedding day but as you begin your married life. This category gives health care alternatives as well as local gym and fitness facilities.
  • Jewelry - This category gives you ideas for quality online shopping sites and local businesses for your fiancee-to-be's engagement ring and both of your wedding rings, as well as gift ideas. See also articles on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring and Creative Ways to Propose.
  • Rehearsal Dinners - This category gives you ideas for places that have banquet rooms suitable for holding Rehearsal Dinners. See also article on Planning your Rehearsal Dinner.
  • Sightseeing - One of the Groom's responsibilities may be to provide entertainment ideas for out-of-town guests. This category provides ideas on sightseeing opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Honeymoon Plans, Travel Plans and Travel Plans/British Columbia - It is often the Groom who plans the honeymoon and a wonderfully romantic honeymoon will be remembered for the rest of your lives! These categories give you many options for online planning as well as local travel agents to assist you with ideas for your honeymoon.
  • Tuxedos & Formal Wear - It is usually the Groom's responsibility to arrange for the tuxedos and formal wear for the Groom, Groomsmen and Ring Bearer. This category provides options for tuxedos, formal wear and accessories.
  • Wine & Liquor - This category gives you ideas on where to buy your wine and liquor as well as bartending services. See also article on Wine and the Perfect Wedding.
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