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Transportation: Arrive at Your Wedding in Style

Although the bride and groom traditionally arrive at the ceremony in separate vehicles, they travel to the reception together. There are many options that the bride and groom may consider when choosing their transportation to the reception. These options encompass a wide variety of sentiments. They can vary from traditional, to magical and even outrageous. Just a few of the transportation options available for a bride and groom are a limousine, a horse drawn carriage, a motorcycle, a bus or even a sports car.

A limousine is one of the more traditional ways for a bride and groom to arrive at their reception. There is a wide variety of limousines available today including stretch versions of popular sport utility vehicles. The bride and groom may opt for a simple limousine for just the two of them or they may choose to arrive in a stretch sports utility vehicle that can transport the entire wedding party and contains outrageous features such as a hot tub and a dance floor as well as a bar. Although limousine companies are beginning to offer more outrageous models, the limousine is still considered to be the most traditional way for a bride and groom and their wedding party to arrive at the reception.

A horse drawn carriage is becoming another popular way for a bride and groom to arrive at their wedding reception. This mode of transportation creates a fairy tale image that has a feel of magic. This is a way for the bride and groom to have an opportunity to spend some time alone in between the ceremony and the reception. They typically travel in the carriage without the accompaniment of any of the members of the wedding party so it is a quiet time for the couple to relax together before the excitement of the reception. The other advantage to arriving at the reception in a horse drawn carriage is that the fairy tale connotations make the night seem truly magical.

An adventurous couple may choose to ride a motorcycle to their reception. This unique mode of transportation for a wedding is sure to gain quite a bit of attention. Even people who just happen to be passing by are bound to notice an elegantly dressed bride riding on the back of a motorcycle. One advantage to riding a motorcycle to your wedding reception is that, depending on the policies of the hall, the couple may be able to drive the motorcycle directly into the reception hall as they are introduced to the guests.

A bus is another popular way for the entire wedding party to arrive at the reception. A couple that is interested in getting the party started immediately after the ceremony may opt to rent a bus to transport the entire wedding party from the ceremony to the reception. This is a great way for the couple to have some time to mingle with their closest friends before the reception. Once the couple arrives at the reception they will have the responsibility of mingling with all of the guests and thanking them for their attendance and may not have time to spend with the wedding party so it is important to have this time just before the reception to spend time with them and thank them for all of their efforts. The other advantage to this option is that it supplies all of the members of the wedding party with reliable transportation to the reception and ensures that no one is left behind. If using this option, don't forget to make arrangements for the entire wedding party to get back home again. You don't want them to be scrambling for rides after the reception.

An extravagant sports car is another popular way for the bride and groom to arrive at the reception. Whether it is rented, borrowed or owned by the couple, an expensive sports car is always an admired mode of transportation. Most sports cars only seat two passengers so this is an excellent way for the bride and groom to travel to their reception because it gives them the opportunity to spend some quality time together before the chaos of the reception. They can take a few moments to enjoy each others company and reflect on the preceding ceremony. This short amount of time will be greatly cherished by the bride and groom.

The bride and groom have a wide assortment of options for arriving at their wedding reception. Each option has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages and it is difficult to compare the options. Choosing a mode of transportation is a personal choice that the couple has to make based on their own preferences.

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