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Hiring a Wedding Planner

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As planning a wedding is very time consuming and as most couples already have busy jobs and lives, more and more couples are looking to hire a wedding planner to assist them in planning their wedding and helping out on the wedding day. While it is true that a wedding planner can be extremely useful and help to eliminate or minimize the stress of planning a wedding, it is important to remember that this will only happen if you hire a qualified and capable wedding planner who understands your needs and expectations. The wedding planning business is becoming increasingly popular and with this newfound popularity comes many wedding consultants who are new to the business or not qualified to plan a wedding. It's extremely important to carefully screen potential wedding planners and to choose a wedding planner who has the experience and resources necessary to plan your wedding so that it meets and even exceeds all of your expectations.

Perhaps the most important criteria in choosing a wedding planner is the degree of comfort that you feel with them. If you are not comfortable with your wedding planner you are likely to not communicate with them as well as you should. This could cause a great deal of problems for even the most qualified and capable wedding planner. If you leave out details or are not completely honest with your wedding planner, it may result in a series of decisions being made that do not meet your standards or expectations. Even if a particular wedding planner has an impressive resume and comes highly recommended they may still not be right for planning your event if you don't feel comfortable working with them.

If you feel comfortable with a few wedding planners and want to investigate them further the next step is to review their resume and references. While some wedding planners who are new to the business may be extremely qualified and capable you are still taking a chance if you opt for a wedding planner with little or no experience. A wedding planner who has assisted in the planning of numerous weddings similar in scale and budget to your own wedding is a good indication that the wedding planner will be able to meet your needs. A careful check of the wedding planner's references can also shed some light on their abilities. Be sure to contact each reference that is supplied to you and ask them pertinent questions about the wedding planner's professionalism, attitude, punctuality or anything else that is important to you. Asking these questions can help you to determine whether or not the potential wedding planner meets your expectations.

You may also want to determine whether your potential wedding planner is a full or part-time consultant. A part-time consultant may be fully capable of handling your wedding planning but it is important to remember that a part-time consultant is likely to have another job that may take precedence over your wedding. While this may be acceptable if you are planning a small wedding, you may want to consider opting for a full-time wedding planner if you plan to have an elaborate wedding to ensure that the wedding planner has the necessary time to devote to planning your wedding. If you are only interested in having a wedding planner available on the wedding day, a part-time consultant may be a more cost effective option.

Another important aspect to consider is whether or not the wedding planner has a contingency plan in case they are unable to assist you in planning your wedding. This would become extremely important if the wedding planner were to become ill just prior to your wedding. If you choose to hire a wedding planner who works alone then you are likely to be out of luck if your wedding planner becomes ill. However, choosing a wedding planner who belongs to a reputable company often affords you the luxury of having a full staff at your disposal in case there are any emergencies that arise.

Another tip for hiring a wedding planner is to ask each of your candidates a series of questions relating to how the planner would handle specific situations. This is very important because there are likely to be a few problems along the way in planning your wedding. Finding out how the wedding planner would react in certain situations and how resourceful they are when it comes to solving problems can give you a good indication as to whether the wedding planner is capable of reacting to stressful situations. You want to ensure that the wedding planner that you hire is able to make decisions under pressure and modify the plans on the fly if everything does not go according to plan.

Your wedding planner will be responsible for the happiness of your guests at your wedding so it is important to choose a qualified candidate. A few things to consider before choosing a wedding planner are how comfortable you feel with them, their past references, the amount of time that they have to devote to your wedding and how they react in an emergency. All of these factors will help to ensure that you choose a qualified wedding planner who can meet all of your needs.

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