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Honeymoon Travel on the Lighter Side

Some packing and shipping companies are taking the hassle and some of the cost out of honeymoon travel with “ship ahead” luggage services. With airline fees for a 60 pound suitcase as high as $100 or more each way, and the chance of a bag being lost, shipping ahead is an easy way to take the worry out of air travel.

Shipping ahead is a sensible solution to the hassle of travel. “We’ve shipped golf clubs, boogie boards, skis and snorkel gear as well as suitcases across the U.S. and even to Europe,” says Anne-Marie Nelson, owner of Pak Mail, in Bellingham, Washington. “Our customers appreciate being able to check in to their hotel and have their bags waiting for them. We can also provide a return shipping label so the bag can be shipped back home.”

Airlines are cracking down on carry-on luggage as overhead bin space is in high demand. Checked bag fees start at $15 for the first bag under 50 pounds, $25 for the second bag and up to $100 or more for additional bags. Then there’s the hassle of lugging those bags through the terminal.

© 2009 Anne-Marie Nelson. All Rights Reserved. Pak Mail is the packing and shipping center in Barkley Village, Bellingham, Washington. Pak Mail’s Ship Ahead service offers a ground shipping rate of $60 for suitcases up to 60 pounds going anywhere east of Colorado. For destinations west of the Rocky Mountains, the rate is $45. If the suitcase is lightweight and the actual shipping rate is lower than $45 or $60, the lower rate prevails. For more information about Pak Mail’s Ship Ahead service, call 738-8919 or check out our website at

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