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Great Tips on Hiring the Perfect DJ

Something to Consider Before Hiring a DJ or Using a Speechless i-Pod:

Great Tips on Hiring the Perfect DJThe DJ is just as important to the success of an event as the decorations and dinner menu are. Choosing a DJ for your wedding or special party is one of the most important decisions that you can make. Everything else can be perfect, but if the music is not great or the DJ ends up being bad, your party will fizzle and people will leave early. Thus, the Cheap DJ, friend of a friend, or iPod DIY way may end up “costing you more in lost value & memories” than the few dollars you thought you were going to save by cutting corners on the music, aka DJ. Just as there are dozens of DJs in your town, there’s also a big disparity in skill level, service and experience amongst them. Very few DJs do this as a full-time profession. Although, they all will tell you they are professionals and the best. But to narrow the choices down, you can start by trusting the word on the street. Ask your friends, coworkers, photographer, caterer and venue for a good reference. Or better yet, call and meet with a few established DJs before deciding.

Be wary of DJ companies that claim to have all kinds of awards or best of status. A common thing DJs do to look better in your eyes is post all of the awards they have won (or did they?). This tactic is a “Marketing Ploy” to fool you into thinking they are better than the rest. Most of the voting is done behind the scenes by them and their friends. Or, it’s from places they pay to advertise, or pay a kickback for referrals. Funny thing is, with a little research you’ll see other local DJs claiming the same awards. Often, these companies can’t guarantee who the DJ will be. They’ll sweet talk you, book your event, take your money, then scramble to find someone to play DJ for your very special event. Best advice is to run from these companies, don’t buy into the hype. They are better salesmen than DJs.

Look at Service Quality and Value Before Price:

Separating the true professional DJs from the backyard DJs or the over-promise, under-deliver DJs can help prevent your event from becoming another DJ horror story. Nobody wants an irresponsible DJ who shows up late or not at all, plays inappropriate songs, uses faulty equipment or worse yet, knows nothing about what it is that you want until they arrive un-prepared for your special event.

The Biggest Errors committed by people looking for a DJ is shopping based on price or falling for slick sales tactics. A guaranteed recipe for disaster is booking a DJ solely on price or never knowing who your actual DJ will be. The DJ will play a vital role in ensuring your event’s success. Invest wisely!

Once you've got the selection narrowed down to a few DJs it’s important to keep your focus on the overall service quality, rather than try to get the DJs into a price war. If a DJ keeps dropping the price to get your business, they may not be very good or will, without telling you, send out a less experienced DJ to handle your important event. Most respectable professional DJ companies rely on referral business and maintain a certain pricing standard and integrity level. Not that bargaining is out of the question, but it’s often worth paying the extra money to make certain you’re getting a Better Quality DJ for your event.

Top Tips on Finding the Perfect DJ for Your Event:

• Shop for a DJ based on service quality, not on price alone. You’ll get a much better value!

• Ask how many events has the DJ done that is similar to yours. Experience truly matters!

• Ask to meet in person to talk about music selection and details before booking your DJ.

• Ask about their MC experience, this is vital to keeping your event organized.

• Ask how extensive their music library is and will they honor your do & don’t play list of songs.

• Get a Contract Agreement that spells out exactly what is being provided.

• #1 Tip to Think About. No other service-provider will add to or detract from the “fun-factor” of your event like a DJ can. Hiring the right one for your event is a very important decision.

 Good luck in your search for the Perfect DJ for your special event!

Article by Wedding DJ Robert Bonham from Music De-Lite. Serving Puget Sound, WA. Contact information: (360) 456-1578 | E-mail: | Web:

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