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How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Planning Your Honeymoon

For most couples, their honeymoon will be the most important vacation of their lives. Not only does it represent the start of their lives together but it gives them a much needed opportunity for rest, relaxation and some ‘alone time’ after the stress of planning a wedding. It’s true that weddings can be hectic and certainly require a lot of organization so it’s not surprising that sometimes among the hustle and bustle of guests, vows, dresses, flowers and parties the honeymoon can become a bit of an afterthought. But failing to plan properly can mean falling prey to some common mistakes that at best will cause inconvenience and at worst can spoil your trip completely. Your honeymoon should be a memorable, romantic break and the last thing you want is to feel disappointed or stressed on your trip so here are some of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to honeymoon preparation and how you can avoid them in the run up to your big day.

Plan ahead…and together

Before you even think about booking anything it’s important that you sit down together and decide just what you want from your honeymoon. A restful, relaxing break or an activity packed adventure? Beach or city? Family included or just the two of you? If you plan to have a busy itinerary then planning in advance is crucial to ensure that you get to do everything you want to do. Because a honeymoon is about two people it’s also important that you use your compromising skills and work together to ensure that neither of you are disappointed. You don’t want to have your first marital row because one of you feels like the other has taken over or been selfish with their demands for the honeymoon - one study goes as far as to suggest that arguing on your honeymoon could spell doom for the marriage!

Use an agent

With the rise of budget airlines and online vacation deals, fewer people are using travel agents when it comes to booking their trips. But when you already have a wedding on your hands then why not leave the planning of the honeymoon to a professional travel expert? A travel agent is a one stop shop – you can book everything from your accommodation to your travel with them and they will even organize any excursions and car hire too. Not only does it free up your time to focus on the wedding but it generally means things will run smoothly for you and should you encounter any problems on your trip, your agent can also act as your consumer advocate to get them resolved more quickly than you possibly could as an individual. Many people actually advise booking a honeymoon through a travel agent especially if you want to include lots of excursions or if you are going on a trip than involves a lot of travelling around. Cruise honeymoons, for example, can become complicated to organize as there are multiple stop offs and things to consider (such as overnight stays in different ports or hotels) but a travel agent can plan all of this on your behalf and often save you money too. 

Added extras

Remember that you will only have one honeymoon and it doesn’t take much to make it special and memorable. Don’t get so caught up in the wedding that you forget those little touches that make the honeymoon as romantic as it should be – a bottle of champagne on the plane, rose petals on the bed, a honeymoon hamper and the best suite in the hotel are all little things that can have a lasting impression. Mentioning that you’re newlyweds when making reservations might even get you a few freebies. On the subject of extras, don’t forget more practical things like booking travel insurance which is essential – honeymoon or not, you never know what might happen while you’re away and foreign medical treatment can be extremely expensive. 

Early starts

In theory, the idea of having your honeymoon right after the wedding might seem appropriate but in practice you’ll probably need a day or two to recover after the big day which will undoubtedly be exhausting. You don’t want to arrive feeling run down and tired so give yourself a little breathing space and some extra time to get your things together and finalize last minute plans. If you do decide to jet off the following day then plan your flight times accordingly and don’t give yourself an unrealistically early start. These are the sort of mistakes people tend to make because they haven’t given much consideration to how they’ll actually be feeling at the time. 


Nobody wants to start married life broke and in debt - studies show that this can have a negative impact on the marriage. Of course you deserve to have the honeymoon of your dreams but agreeing and sticking to a budget is also important. Planning in advance means that you can prioritize the things that you want to do most and also gives you the opportunity to save a little more before you travel. Booking a package deal with an agent might give you the chance to utilize their affiliates and business contacts to get a few discounts too - plus you can haggle with them which you can't do online. Nowadays it is becoming common for couples to ask their wedding guests for a cash contribution towards the honeymoon rather than a traditional gift.


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