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Wine Bottles at a WeddingWine and the Perfect Wedding

Wine possesses that transcendent quality of crossing religious, cultural, socio-economic and political barriers. What does this mean for your planned special event? Simply put, wine appeals to more people, rather than fewer people, and is therefore a perfect beverage to consider for most functions.

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With all of these possibilities confronting you, it makes sense that you would want to have someone knowledgeable about wine assisting you with your event. You might want to consider hiring a sommelier (a person who has extensive knowledge about wine and food pairings). Sommeliers are wine experts and wine educators. A sommelier will help you create a wine budget, determine the quantity of wine needed for the number of attending guests, as well as help you select the wines that will be best suited to the meal being served. More than that, a sommelier will know where to find those rare and fine vintage wines, how to best store them, and when they should be served. The wines you serve at your special event will create an impression of appropriate sophistication, impress your guests, and take your special event to a whole new level.

© 2006 Tom DiNardo. All Rights Reserved. Tom DiNardo is a freelance wine writer, wine educator, licensed auctioneer, certified appraiser (GPPA), and sommelier candidate with the International Sommeliers Guild. Tom has presided over many of the nations most prominent charity wine auctions. For more information about Tom DiNardo email him directly at or call 888-503-0828.

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